HDPE Geomembrane Anti UV Fish/pond Liner/tank Film/roofing/underground/bridge Waterproofing Membrane China Factory Free Sample


HDPE liner geomembrane is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance






HDPE geomembrane anti UV fish/pond liner/tank film/roofing/underground/bridge waterproofing membrane China factory free sample

Place of Origin:China
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number:FH-HDPE2
Length:50m,100m or customized
Packaging Details:Tape Plastic Bag
Minimum Order Quantity:100 square meters
Delivery Time:7 days after order confirmation
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/P, or others
Price:FOB Qingdao USD1.00-5.00/SQM
Supply Ability:1 million square meters per month

HDPE liner geomembrane is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. HDPE liner are cost effective choice for exposed lining projects. This product has been used in aquaculture fish and shrimp pond.


Good mechanical properties, high tear strength, deformation and adaptable, puncture resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet-resistant, Anti oil and salt, pH, anti-corrosion, high temperature-resistant, non-toxic, long service life. Water, drainage, seepage, the good effect of moisture, width, thickness of the full range of specifications and low cost, simple construction. 


1.Prevent leakage disposal in waste burying filed or waste burying filed or waste water or waste dregs disposing filed .

2. River bank, lake dam, mine remaining, reservoir, tunnel, liquid storage pool (pit, mine)

3. Preventing leakage in roadbed and other ground-sill.

4. The plane direction laying off of da, the vertical direction laying for ground-sill, used in the construction fence and waste material filed.

5. Used in seawater or freshwater feel field.

6. Used in ground-sill of rad, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loss.

7. Preventing leak on rooftop 

Technical Date:

PropertiesTest MethodHDPE-Smooth
Thickness (min.ave.)ASTM D 5199 Mm(mil)0.75(30)1.00(40)1.5(60)2.0(80)2.5(100)
DensityASTM D 792 g/cm3≥0.94≥0.94≥0.94≥0.94≥0.94


Properties (min.ave.)

ASTM D 638 Tipo IV

Yield StrengthKn/M(lb/in)11(63)15(84)22(126)29(168)37(210)
Break StrengthKn/M(lb/in)20(114)27(152)40(228)53(304)67(380)
Yied Elongation%1212121212
Break Elongation%700700700700700

Tear Resistance 


ASTM D 1004 N(lb)93(21)125(28)187(42)249(56)311(70)

Puncture Resistance 


ASTM D 4833 N(lb)240(54)320(72)480(108)640(144)800(180)
Carbon Black ContentASTM D 1603 (%)2~32~32~32~32~3


1) Environmental protection, sanitation (such as solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants Chi-conditioning, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.) .

2) Water (such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the anti-dam, plugging, reinforcement of the canal seepage, the vertical wall of the heart, slope protection, etc.).

3) Municipal Engineering (subway, on the ground floor of the building, planted roof, the roof garden of anti-seepage, sewage pipes lining, etc.). 

4) Landscape (man-made lake, river, reservoir, golf courses reservoirs of the substrate, slope protection, green lawn of the waterproof moisture, etc.). 

5) Petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, gas storage tanks of the anti-chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks of the lining, etc.). 

6) Mining (washing and pool heap leaching, the ash-field, dissolved, precipitation, the yard, the tailings seepage substrates, etc.).

Packing Detail:

Normal is Width 5.8M X length 50M/100M Per roll in white/black Plastic Woven bag.

Other Rolls Size and packing can as per your request.

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