Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

Nov 23, 2018

Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Basic Info
  • Model NO.: PENNSKIN

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Method: Brush

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Drying Method: Air Drying

  • Substrate: Ceramic

  • Formation Mechanism: Conversion Type

  • Transport Package: Wooden Box

  • Origin: China

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Color: Red

  • Main Raw Material: Polyurethane

  • Level: Finish Coat

  • Certification: ISO9001

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Components: Auxiliaries

  • Specification: 25/20kg/barrel

Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Product Description

1. It is safe and environment-friendly product without solvent or pollutants. And it has approved tests by state related testing bodies so it is applicable directly to dinking waterproof works.
2. As mono-component product, it is easier to handle. And coating application is simple.
3. Compose of pure polyurethane, the coating film is featured with rubber's properties. High-elasticity, high-strength, high-extensibility and adhesion.
4. It is applicable to heavy-film coating, and the film has high compatibility without pinholes or bubbles.
5. The film is generated by chemical reaction, featured with water-resistance, corrosion resistance, and fungus resistance.
6. It is featured with good physical and mechanical properties, high resilience, anti-fatigue, aging resistance. Its tensile strength reaches as high as 3Mpa with elongation at break 600%. 
7. Good weather ability makes it adaptable to drastic changes of weather regardless of hot or cold.
8. Water-curing Mechanism makes the scope of its application wider.
1. It is supposed to be sealed and stored upside down in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sun exposure, humidity,
2.During storage, there would be buildups on its surface. Just get rid of the buildups before application.
3. Unspent coating is supposed to be sealed timely in case of curing and abandoned
4.In and after the process of waterproof construction, protect it timely, guarding against artificial damage.
5. The storehouse or construction site should be kept away from fire. In the process of construction, workers are supposed to be wearing protective clothing.
6. Storage time is 6 months. If it is qualified enough beyond storage time, it can still be put into use.
It's applicable to waterproof and moisture works of roofing, external walls, basements, balconies, kitchens and lavatories, and suitable for special buildings like granaries, civil air defense works, and bridge projects.
1. Base-treatment: it is required to be firm, leveled, clean, and dry.
2. Partial treatment: internal and external corners should be shaped arch, the joints between pipes, walls and plates should be filled with this product. If necessary, non-woven fabric or fiberglass mesh fabric should be added to these joints. After this, coating-application of large-area can be carried out.
3. Application of coating:  coat the base several times (2-3times suggested); the direction coating of different times should be perpendicular. Another time of coating should be not carried out until the previous coating is too dry to stick to hands.
4. Vertical-face Treatment of walls: after painting the last time of coating, sand should be scattered before it is solidified.
5. Construction of external layer: after the coating is solidified completely (about 48 hours), conduct the construction of external layer.
Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating TECHNICAL PARAMETER 

1Solid Content %≥85
Dry Time h≤Dry time of Outside12
Dry time of Inside24
3Fracture tensile strength  Mpa ≥2.0
4Breaking elongation,(normal temperature) %≥500
5Tear strength N/mm15
6Water impermeability, 0.3Mpa 30 minImpermeable
7bending at low temperatureoC ≤-35
8heating expansion rate/%-4.0 ~ +1.0
9water absorption/% ≤5
10Bonding strength of Moistbase  Mpa ≥1.0

Single Component PU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

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