Copper Wall Alkali Resistant and Waterproof Building Coating

Dec 25, 2018

Copper Wall Alkali Resistant and Waterproof Building Coating Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:DE801, DE802

  • Color:Any Color

  • Appearance:Liquid

  • Main Raw Material:Acrylic

  • Method:Brush

  • Level:Finish Coat

  • Drying Method:Drying

  • Certification:CCC, ISO9001

  • Substrate:Cement,Putty,Old Paint Film ,Ceramic ,Plastic Pipe

  • Components:Two-Component

  • Formation Mechanism:Conversion Type

  • Transport Package:20kg/Barrel

  • Origin:China

Product Description
This is the new develop and late model product,that can be directly constructed on the cement base,with the feature environmental and opertate simply,also,with the beyond challenge saline alkali-resistant and crack-resistant ,water-proof,also,with the super adhesion and ultra long-time
Service Life:>=15 Years(De801);10 years(De802)
Suitable base material :Cement,Putty,old paint film ,ceramic ,plastic Pipe,metal ,ect.
Remark:Mixed paint should be used up within 4 hours
Construction technology:
1.Base processing:to repair holes,pits,hollow bases,to clean the surface oil,moss,dust. To filling in the uneven base and ensure it smooth and firm
2.Aside: mixing powder and liquid by 1: 1 hybrid, using electric tools to stir it as no powder rolls and no particles.
3.To brush the products twice evenly

Attention matters:
1.This product is a single component, can be used after cover opened, to add no more than 10% water dilution can adjust the viscosity.To avoid the color difference,the added water must be same for each barrel in each batch.  
2.This product is a two-component, can not be diluted with water,Component A ,B  mixed with electric mixer tool fully stirring for about 20 minutes to ensure fully mix (no dough and particle). 


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