Waterproof coating has favored the difference quality tips

Nov 30, 2016

Waterproof protective coatings, thanks to its excellent performance and many other areas of all ages. As far as I know, waterproof coatings in the market many types, such as two-component polymer waterproof coating, single component polyurethane waterproofing coating and so on. But how to choose high quality waterproof coating, is likely to be a lot of consumer problems. According to nature, waterproof paints for sale in the market can be divided into four types, their performance is different, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Hard mortar: dorsal surface coating waterproofing effect

Hard mortar, also called rigid mortar: ratio of 1:4 emulsion and mortar, brushing back coating is not required for processing can be tiles, more convenient. After curing to form cement lumps, not water, the dorsal surface of the waterproofing effect is very good, is their biggest advantage. Disadvantage of this kind of mortar hardness is high, easy to crack as the deformation and cracking of the grass-roots, it is generally used for the waterproofing of the dorsal surface of. Price: 200-300 yuan/barrels, 18 kg, but brush 10-13 square meters.

Flexible mortar: cracks do not affect effect

Flexible mortar: emulsion mortar Proportioning is 5:4, with elastic, even primary deformation and cracks will not affect the effect. For walls and floors and other upstream, not for back on the top of the water, if water did not do, water infiltration, it is easy to pack water seepage. Price: 300-500/bucket, a bucket of 18 kg. There is another type of silicone flexible mortar waterproof coatings, which belongs to the premium flexible mortar, elastic tension and flexibility are very good, but the price is 600 Yuan/barrels, is more expensive, is rare on the market.

Acrylic: soaked for a long time does not affect the functionality

Acrylic: a pure liquid, cover opening. Water in water, is easy to combine with ground cracks, forming a rugged waterproof layer, flexible mortar for waterproofing effect is better. For napping or brushing is required after raising sand, such as surface treatment, to increase friction, ease of tiling. Because the effect is very good, flexible mortar and acrylic is more suitable for long-term flooding of environments. Price: 300-500/bucket, a bucket of 18 kg.

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