Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

May 26, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Color:Colorful Is Available

  • Appearance:Liquid

  • Main Raw Material:Polyurethane

  • Method:Brush

  • Level:Finish Coat

  • Drying Method:Air Drying

  • Certification:ISO9001

  • Components:Solvent

  • Formation Mechanism:Non Conversion Type

  • Brand Name:CD

  • Property:25kg

  • Component:Single/Double

  • Usage:Building Coating

  • Ratio:Solid Content Is 70%-100%

  • Characteristic:Waterproofing Hydrophili

Product Description

polyurethane waterproof coatingis a liquid macromolecule waterproof material, is suit for constructing on dry, wet base, after coating it will cure, become durable, high elasticity, nontoxic, odorless waterproof membrane. it have water based and solvent based polyurethane waterproof coating, is a new type environment friendly waterproof material.     
Main Feature:  
1. this product is a color, no-tar, double(single) components waterproof coating.  
2. cold construction, simple technology, convenient maintenance, can be at room temperature for flat roof and all kinds of complex parts for construction.  
3. overall good film-forming, no seams, with rubber elasticity, high elongation, fully able to adapt to the base of the crack and deformation.  
4. high bonding strength, wide application range, can be used in the water, is an ideal material for leveliof waterproof.  
5. long service life, weather resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and stable performance. the service life can reach twenty years or longer.     
roof: concrete flat, sloping roof, roof gutter, awning and all kinds of irregular shape of the roof 
underground construction: concrete interior wall, external wall, floor, elevator pit, underground tunnel, cable wells, pipe outside waterproof.  
ground construction: toilet, kitchen, roof garden, reservoir, swimming pool, dressing, bridge etc.  
joint: expansion joint, construction joint, settlement joint, wall pipe, wateroutfall.  

Construction technology:  
Basic requirements: 1. the base must be clean, smooth, no sand, no loose, no empty drum 2. roof should be set an exhaust pipe of distance per 36m2 3. moisture content of roof-base shall be within 5%, the ground and underground building waterproof moisture content shall be within 10% before construction 
Ratio: 1 portion of a group, 2 portion of b group (single component can direct construction) 
when construction will be mix a and b material inside a bucket, with a wooden stick or hand-held electric mixer mixing 3-5 minutes until uniform, with a plastic scraper or rubber scraper coating on the base, the mixture material to be use up in 30 minutes.  
Material utilization amount: generally 2-2.5 kg per square, 1.5-2 mm thickness, 2-3 times scraping out to uniform coating, scraping direction is under the direction of horizontal and vertical scraping to cross. each interval time by the construction of environment temperature and coating curing degree decide, generally not less than 24 hours, to feel is not sticky prevail. according to the design requirements, can also be coated with a layer or multilayer, in the middle layer paving a layer of non-woven fabric or fiberglass cloth effect is better.  
Coating protection: in order to extend the service life of the waterproof layer, ensure the engineering quality. accessible roof; on coating cement mortar protective layer, , in the last line of the film is not solidified, sparse sprinkle 2-3 mm medium sand or stone chips to facilitate the stick relay of coating and protective layer.  

Matters need attention:  
before the film is not solidified mustn't get wet in the rain and forbidden to walking or other operations.  
precipitation is a normal phenomenon in a component b, stir evenly before normal use, it will not affect the quality.  
Packaging, transport, storage, shelf life:  
component a and b packed in iron drum.  
the product should be stored in a cool ventilated place.  
shelf life is 12 months.  
at the grass-roots level surface, clean, dry, clean, no dust, no pollution, such as easy desquamate does not handle basic coating will affect the waterproof effect.  
waterproof glue, wall crack hole area using department mixed into cement putty repair level off.  
exterior wall construction shall not be less than 2 times, paint dosage is 0.8 to 1.2 kg/m2, paint brush, roller coating.  
this product is not dangerous goods, non-toxic, tasteless, no burning.  
temperature at 35 °c should not be higher or lower than 5 ° c construction, rainy days may not be construction at 5 °c - 35°c, shelf life for a year and a half. 

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